The team



The Hipster

The Hipster has long experience in all things Cyber, but he is tremendously excited by this adventure into DevSecOps - and his enthusiasm is infectious!

He met The Dude in a bar in Amsterdam years ago and consequently spent many an evening drinking beer in cities across the world, more often than not ruminating on ideas which would come to be known as 'DevSecOps.'

They decided to build something together that would help the world create more secure software.

The Hipster loves Icelandic White ale but does not own a ‘fixie’, much to the despair of The Hipster’s hipster friends.


The Hustler

The Hustler has been called many things - good and bad - but the one she’s best known for is “Growth Hacker”.

Right now she loves nothing more than to get down and dirty with organisations who are beginning their journey to the ‘application economy’. The Hustler is pretty smart and has lots of top university certificates to prove it.

She’ll tell you she’s “an oenophile with an extraordinary palette” - which as far as we can tell means she drinks a lot of plonk.

When not hustlin’ she can generally be found in the mountains 'on the piste' - although we think that’s more to do with Apres Ski than anything else.